About Melbourne Voice Therapy

I specialise in analysing and transforming voices and am referred to by some of Melbourne's leading medical community including speech therapists, ENT surgeons, general practitioners and physiotherapists.

If you've been suffering from vocal problems, Melbourne Voice Therapy is able to diagnostically assess all vocal issues in the first appointment. I find the cause of the technical problem efficiently, providing targeted exercises and expert advice to affect positive change in your vocal muscular memory and patterning.

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"Rebecca diagnosed all my vocal problems within the first 5 minutes of my first appointment" - Stephanie, Performer

"Her analysis, and subsequent exercises, are thorough and insightful" - Tony, Musician/Teacher



I am a classically-trained singer. Starting as a teenager I attended the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

Having completed a Bachelor of Music (Voice Performance and Physiology) at the Victorian College of the Arts, I was fortunate enough to work and perform with some of Australia’s best musicians and released two LPs, ‘Music for a While’ and ‘Allure’, on the ABC Jazz label. I then spent many years researching and educating literally hundreds of voices including young students, experienced performers, corporate professionals, retirees etc. and realised most of my time was actually spent undoing chronic pre-existing vocal issues.


My passion today is transforming voices. Not just for singers but for anyone who relies heavily on their voice in their day to day activities and therefore prone to vocal problems or dysphonia. My focus provides specialist rehabilitation and coaching services to such clients in order for them to achieve optimal vocal health and freedom in both their everyday activities and professional lives, helping them to become their best, most capable and confident selves.

"Stunning vocals, informed by intelligence, wit & élan" 

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