Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching is the ultimate voice enhancement.

Believe it or not, one of the best times to improve the functioning of a voice is when there is no voice rehabilitation required.

Melbourne Voice Therapy offers vocal coaching services for clients who feel there is no immediate vocal problem but would like to improve the overall sound and health of their voice.

The most commonly requested areas of improvement requiring a vocal coach are:

About Me

I specialise in analysing and transforming voices and am referred to by some of Melbourne's leading medical community including speech therapists, ENT surgeons, general practitioners and physiotherapists.

If you've been suffering from vocal problems, I am able to diagnostically assess all vocal issues in the first appointment. I find the cause of the technical problem efficiently, providing targeted exercises and expert advice to affect positive change in your vocal muscular memory and patterning.

“Rebecca gave me the tools to ensure that even after a day of projecting my voice to a room full of people, I am just as clear and audible as when I began. Her teaching style is relaxed and conversational, and she gets results”

Brendan Bailey, Operations Manager

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For all appointments and queries please call Rebecca on 0410 640 683 or send an enquiry below:

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