Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching services offered by Melbourne Voice Therapy can help clients to develop their voice, increase vocal range and flexibility, improve projection, and develop a more pleasing sound. Vocal coaching can also help clients develop healthy vocal habits, which can prevent voice problems from arising in the future. With the right coaching and training, anyone can enhance their voice and achieve their desired sound.

The most commonly requested areas of improvement requiring a vocal coach are:

About Me

With a deep understanding of the voice and its function, I founded Melbourne Voice Therapy to help others achieve optimal vocal functioning and to have a positive impact on their voice. Rebhabiltation and neuromusclar reprogramming (NMR) are my specialty; whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, I will work with you to develop your voice and overcome any vocal difficulties. With a focus on diagnosing vocal issues during the first appointment, I provide efficient identification of problems and targeted exercises for improving vocal technique. Book a voice assessment today and take the first step towards a better, more confident voice.

“Rebecca gave me the tools to ensure that even after a day of projecting my voice to a room full of people, I am just as clear and audible as when I began. Her teaching style is relaxed and conversational, and she gets results”

Brendan Bailey, Operations Manager

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For all voice coaching appointments and queries please call Rebecca on 0410 640 683 or send an enquiry below:

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