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Melbourne Voice Therapy is a highly sought-after and unique provider of singing lessons that analyses, enhances and transforms all types of voices.

Many people from all over Australia come to me for specialist help. Help that they haven’t been able to find anywhere else. A large percentage of these people are singers.

Over the years, singers have been desperately seeking answers to successfully improve the following:

 The answers to these questions often elude many that walk through my door, even after many years of training.

“Rebecca is an empathetic, motivated, experienced and knowledgeable vocal coach who can get results where others have failed”

Shaun, General Practitioner

I offer singers the opportunity to enhance their voice with my own unique perspective and expert assessment. I transform and ameliorate singing voices in a way that very few can.

I work with all types of students. Some need vocal enhancement and optimisation, but most need vocal remediation from previous inferior tutelage. Without proper guidance, students may never achieve their goals and develop many damaging vocal issues along the way.

Your vocal health is of paramount importance at Melbourne Voice Therapy and each client is provided a premium service. 

“I learnt more in one lesson than in six months of lessons with my previous teacher… … I highly recommend anyone for a few lessons to tighten up their technique, or ongoing lessons to improve their singing from the ground up. It’s well worth every penny

Matthew, Engineer

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