Speech Therapy vs Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy is a specialty within the field of speech and language pathology. It focuses solely on problems that surround voice production, dysphonia and the subsequent treatment. Diagnosing and treating voice problems relies on a highly trained ear, years of experience and exceptional skills to successfully modify the method of voice production and remove harmful vocal habits. 

Just as an athlete requires specialist training for their mind and body, so do those who rely on their voice… this includes just about everybody. Instead of training large muscle groups like an athlete, we train smaller muscle groups associated with the voice. We make that which is complex, simple, without missing a beat.

Our Therapy

Melbourne Voice Therapy provides specialist remedial treatment services for vocal problems and dysphonia. We assist in providing ongoing coaching, education and management to enable and support healthy vocal technique and its usage.

We are referred to by some of Melbourne’s leading medical community including speech therapists, ENT surgeons, general practitioners and physiotherapists.

Have you considered seeing a Voice Therapist for your vocal issues? Do you suffer from any of the following:

Phonation should always feel comfortable and easy.

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